It's Behind You!

Sep 9
  • It's Behind You!

A book of monster poetry by Paul Cookson & David Harmer. I did black & white illustrations for over forty poems plus the colour cover.

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I also artworked and directed the animated trailer below. Voiceover artists were Catrine Henriksson & Jesper Norda, animation by Ben Baker, Jesper Norda was sound editor.

‘You can hear the growling rumble
You can hear the guttural sound
In the mist and fog, the big black dog
Is prowling round and round’
(Excerpt from The Mist, The Fog and the Big Black Dog by Paul Cookson)

‘With skies as black as treacle
Save for a full skull moon
A perfect cloak of darkness
For the dreaded vampire flying
In search of a rose red bloom
The rose red blood tide bloom’
(Excerpt from The Hunter and the Hunted by Paul Cookson)

‘So if you come to see
What happened here to me
The day I made my fateful call
You will always be
Trapped here eternally
In the haunted grounds of Hocus-Pocus Hall.’
(Excerpt from Hocus-Pocus Hall by David Harmer)

‘Got a monster in my matchbox
It isn’t very big
Nose like a crocodile
Face like a pig
Wings like a penguin
Teeth like a stoat…’
(Excerpt from What Is It? by David Harmer)

‘Zombie Dinner Ladies Cook My Dog!
Dance of the Mutant Vampire Teachers
Alien Baby Nappy Splurge Fest
Death Kiss Suction Grandma Leeches’
(Four Films I Do Not Want to See by Paul Cookson)

‘Yes Mason the moody monster
Was having a terrible day
And his lumpy-grumpy feelings
Would not go away’
(Excerpt from Mason the Moody Monster by David Harmer)

‘I’m tired,’ he said,‘and very cold
Hungry, need a rest.’
‘You’re very welcome here’ we said
‘Come in and be our guest.’
(Excerpt from A Visit From A Dinosaur by David Harmer)

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